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1.03 Material Acquisition Lead Times – Delivery

A.General: In compliance with typical Submission  Requirement and Sections  modified to include B & C’s accepted proposal, these submissions become the subject of any  contract together with the letter accompanying these submittals as follows:

B.  Ordering: B & C will comply with Statements and manufacturer’s ordering instructions and lead-time  statements  shown on B & C’s letter accompanying these submittals especially as they relate to progress payments and Section 01 -B above.

C.  Delivery: B & C propose to Deliver and Install units of all   finished materials in  undamaged condition with factory identification marks for unit   Installer Identification all  intact subject to 1.01 -B  above (See 1.04)

B & C will provide, store and handle products to avoid any distortion or damage due to moisture, physical abuse or other cause the Steel Framed Units with  22 Gauge Verco Panel HSB -36 shall be free from nicks, scratches and blemishes or will be refinished or touched up as necessary  and will replace defective or damaged materials with new