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1.04 Project/Site Conditions – Field Measuring

A. Site Conditions  Contractor  is to provide clear equipment access without obstruction to each, location for standard ladder, boom or scissor lift installation. B & C make no provision for the necessity to hirer or use Cranes or overhead lifting devices or to protect ground surfaces against tire wheel marks. It is agreed by General Contractor that no tile or sensitive roof membranes or flooring  materials will be installed by Contractor prior to are to B & C performing their work of installation. Any consequent damage by B & C installers as a result of General Contractor breaking this covenant will become the responsibility of the General Contractor.

Field Measurements: Measurement shown on submissions are subject to&n field verification by B & C Awnings Inc unless the units are to be shipped only for installation by others. Architectural changes or approvals of submissions is required before fabrication can proceed and usually shows measurements as original plans. As a condition of submission and acceptance special attention should be given by the Contractor and Architect to the dated introductory letter accompanying these submittals which clearly indicates a production time schedule for B&C to fabricate and install. By approving these submissions Contractor agrees to this schedule and to coordinate his work accordingly to avoid delays. Not with standing anything to the contrary contained within the contract these submissions when approved become definitive of B & C’s intent and scope of work