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2.06 Fabrication Venue

As a condition of issue and acceptance of these submissions B & C reserve the right to fabricate all the units under controlled conditions in B & C’s local or overseas factories Fabrication which includes Drilling, Welding, Bending Forming assembly and finishing B & C certify wherever shown will be performed or is necessary will be in accord and performed in accord with American applicable standards Heli Arc Gas welded if necessary or as indicated and flagged or omitted if not shown on the Shop Drawings. B & C Awnings Inc employ fully trained, skilled and Certified Welders with a minimum 3 years experience. Sequence Welding “is” employed to “minimize” distortion and heat stresses.

A- Only when shown is welding applied or continuous along the entire area of contact except where spot welding is shown. However, “Continuous Welding Inspection Certifications” during Fabrication or following installation which may require Ultrasound is expressly excluded from this project and will have additional cost impact if requested