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2.07 Site Verification of Installation Conditions

Site Verification of Installation Conditions: As a condition of issue and acceptance of these submissions  Contractor agrees  to notify B & C when they have installed blocking in accord with B & C submittals. The exterior of the building must be completed sufficiently to permit B & C to install at which time B & C  will visit the job site “once only” and field measure for the units which will be customized as per approved submissions. Blocking is specifically excluded from B & C’s scope of work. Aluminum Shade Structures Scheduling and City inspections or coordination’s are excluded. During field measure it is beyond the scope or ability of B & C to examine work by others or inspect the project, blocking/backing (which may be covered) and it is the responsibility of the Contractors Project Manager to ensure that blocking  is correctly placed (as shop drawings illustrate) and work by others will not prevent B & C installers from proceeding. B & C Installers are instructed that where contractor fails to provide suitable conditions, backing as required or necessary work by others, B & C installers are to withdraw and await a change order for additional mobilization scheduled at  B & C’s convenience with consequent additional cost impact.