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3.01 Installation Scheduling

As a condition of issue of these specifications by B & C and the Contractors acceptance, Contractor agrees to give  B & C at least (7) days written and formal notification followed by a phone call that a project is ready to field measure. There after to allow B & C to take the number of weeks shown on B & C’s submittal letter to Fabricate and to Install . Contractor agrees  not to create conditions which make the hire of expensive equipment necessity to install or conditions impossible or formerly request installation before B & C’s schedule will permit.

A. Mobilization– B & C propose and have contracted for a single “mobilization and continuous uninterrupted installation” on this project it is specifically agreed as a condition of issue and acceptance of these submissions that if an interruption or additional mobilizations and installations are required through no fault of B & C to the single mobilization proposed that Contractor will pay additional moneys for delivery and re-hire of lifting equipment, and manpower (see 1.04 A)