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3.04 Maintenance & Inspection

Units manufactured or installed by B & C, should be regularly (at least quarterly) inspected, maintained and cleaned in order to keep their appearance and integrity and Warranty. Application of a “mild “soap solution or degreasing agent, “low pressure water spray” together with light brush strokes can be applied. Areas damaged by abrasion or impact should be detected, renovated and sealed to avoid further water penetration, Scratched or chipped surfaces should be touched up as needed to retain an as new appearance and extend the useful surface life. The use of “High Pressure” Water Jets which may propel grit particles and damage surface areas or adjacent windows should be avoided. A prerequisite for proper care and maintenance of the coated surfaces is that the units are regularly cleaned according to the guidelines of The Registered Quality Association For Cleaning Of Façade Elements. All the work must be carried out by a member of the above named Association with detergents and cleaning aids in accord with RAL-GZ 632 1996 and certified by the same association for the cleaning of façade surfaces with coated surfaces. The Contractor on behalf of the buyer in consideration of continued indemnification by the Provider B & C Awnings Inc agrees to institute maintenance records which must be produced on request showing regular proof of maintenance in accord with the above and all associated requirements contained herein failing the production of which any and all liability, indemnification, insurance, or obligation to provide legal defenses of the Contractor or others by B & C of the Contractor or others will cease. With regard to maintenance, Further information is available from American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) U.S.A. 610-1979 for Cleaning Procedures .It is essential that all caulking ,flashing and sealants (which must be provided by others following B & C’s Installation) should be examined and inspected at least quarterly ,maintained or replaced by a professional Roofers and Sealers to avoid water penetration and to maintain the units in serviceable condition. Anchor bolts, fixers should be re-tightened as needed and or replaced if circumstances indicate, damaged surfaces should be touched up or resealed. In woven or flexible fabric is a material content of the units then the fabric should be periodically removed and new material applied.