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3.07 Heat Stress, Metal Deformation, Warping and Twistin

Architects, General Contractors and owners are reminded and warned that “heat” is the principle whereby molecular changes are applied to materials in general especially metals. In California expect high temperatures through sunlight and low through rain or occasionally snow. All these effect Steel, Glass, Metal, Alloy, Wood, Plastic or Finish responses, performance and appearance of the special finishes. Metalswhich require Hot Dipped Galvanizing, Oven Baking, as part of the finish applications change in temper, electrical conductivity, appearances (softness or hardness) of base material. Sheet and Platematerials are subject to wrinkle on the surfaces during oven baking or after installation where one portion is in the Shade and another Sunlight. Both straight and shaped materialsare given to distortion, Galvanized treatments may bend, and leave rough scaly surfaces which will show through leaving uneven coatings. Anodized materials may discolor at weld and machined points all of which eventualities and conditions lay outside of B & C Awnings Inc control, intent to minimize or anticipate and for which B & C Awnings Inc can accept no responsibility or be held responsible for not informing the buyer. Architects are expected to be fully experienced have consulted, engineers, metal and finish experts on all phases of the design and be actively attendant in factory on all phases of fabrication and on siteinstallation at home or abroad.