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3.09 Caulking/Flashing – Sealing

The highly skilled and specialized operation of Caulking, Sealing and Flashing (see 3.04) is excluded from all work provided by B & C. This service should be provided by specialists working on other aspects of the same project unless specifically shown on the shop drawing attached. In many instances flashing must be installed “before” Canopy unit. is installed inset undercutting stucco. This procedure lays outside the scope of B & C installers. who are not responsible for the performance or none performance of caulking if or when applied and provides no warranty against water penetration, seal or tightness on canopies. This is a final finishing and maintenance issue subject to horizontal expansion and vertical contraction of metal units and especially in plastics or composites with high expansion rates. Technical expert advice should be sought for in this regard