Following decades of success in the manufacturing and finishing industry, B&C Awnings Inc. continues to create an astounding impact in the Architectural world. We specialize in custom Sun Control Devices, Railings and Trellis systems in Fabric, Metal, Glass and Wood.

     Our factory technicians are finish certified to provide quality Powder Coat, Powder Coat with Wood Grain, Fluoropolymer and Anodized coatings in a full range of standard and custom colors, B&C carries hundreds of aluminum extrusions with the capacity to offer custom extrusions at minimal costs to meet all your design needs.

     Overseas production allows B&C Awnings Inc. to reduce cost without compromising quality or design needs. We offer design services to assist Architects and Contractors in developing suitable sun control options to take their concepts to completion without exceeding tight construction budgets.

     Our company is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Vietnam Green Building Council, with accredited LEED staff to assist with projects striving to achieve LEED certification. We  understand that active environmental commitment is key in saving energy, reducing waste, and improving on emissions reduction. Our design team is committed to supporting Architects and Contractors in their efforts to practice sustainable architecture and design.

     B&C Awnings Inc. proudly invites you to view our collection of completed projects and new designs. We give full credit to the many Architects and Contractors whose concepts have made this presentation possible.

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