Cruiser Series - (Aluminum Canopies) UC Irvine - M018

metal awnings, canopies, trellises, shutters
metal awnings, canopies, trellises, shutters


Architectural & Commercial > Metal Awnings > Cruiser Series

This picture illustrates the CRUISER SERIES with tube frames egg crate sectional cover designed to dissipate direct light also on the same building are included Global Series Canopies having 8" Fascia Frames and louvers for contoured wall surfaces the Stainless Steel Clevises, 6" - Brackets here also are all secured with acorn nuts to add a feature and supported through 3/4" Stainless Steel Rods as support from above and vertically.




Average budget: $45 - $65 / per sq.ft.

Weight: +/- 10 lbs / per sq.ft.

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