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Color Options

Wood Grain Finishes can be applied over aluminum or steel products to achieve the looking of natural wood without the maintenance and durability issues of real wood.  B&C offers a wide range of wood grain finish options for all our metal products that meet AAMA 2604 standards. All wood grain finishes consists of a powder coat base that is specially formulated to absorb pigments from the transfer film and is backed by a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Wood Grain finishes are available in either a glossy or matte finish with custom matched wood grain options available upon request.

B&C’s custom finishing plant has utilized the durability of high performance PVDF to develop Rust and Copper Patina Finishes that meet AAMA 2605 standards. Achieving Patina finishes with PVDF eliminates the corrosion and runoff concerns that come with using traditional weathered steel and copper since it allows for the use of non-corrosive aluminum. B&C’s Rust Patina and Copper Patina finishes are 4 coat PVDF finishes that are backed with a 20 year manufacturer's warranty and are fully customizable to meet all design needs.

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High performance PVDF (Fluoroploymer) finishes are recommended for High performance PVDF (Fluoroploymer) finishes are recommended for projects that are looking for a low maintenance and durable coating solution and are especially suited for projects located in coastal regions with high levels of humidity and marine layer. As an approved applicator of Akzo Nobel’s Trinar  PVDF coating systems and PPG’s Duranar PVDF coating systems, B&C’s qualified finishing technicians are trained by industry specialists to provide high quality coatings that meet AAMA 2605 standards to our custom aluminum and steel products. All of our 2 coat and 3 coat PVDF coating systems are eligible for ad 20 year limited manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to offering a full range of standard colors, B&C’s in house mixing capabilities also allows us to offer custom colors for all projects with no minimum order cost.

Powder Coat Finishing

B&C’s in house finishing plant is equipped with automated finishing lines and certified technicians to apply quality powder coat finishing that meet AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605 standards to our architectural metal products. In house finishing allows B&C to ensure the necessary levels of attention required for finishing detailed custom products is met to ensure the highest standard of quality for all B&C products.  As an approved applicator of Akzo Nobel Interpon D Series and Tiger Drylac Coating systems, B&C provides a full selection of standard and custom color powder coat colors with optional direct warranties from manufacturers on qualifying projects.

B&C’s Acid Etched Finish is available to create custom patterns on natural mill finished metals.

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