B&C Office Bldg – S002

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B&C Office Bldg – S002

Average budget: $15 – $26 / sq.ft.

Weight: 2.4 – 2.9 lbs / sq.ft.

  • – All aluminum extrusions ASTM 6063-T5
  • – All welders are California certified
  • – All sizes are custom
  • – Available Finishes:
    • + Epoxy or Powder Coat (10 standard colors, see color chart)
    • + Anodized finish (see color chart)
    • + Wood Grain finish (see color chart)
  • – Custom colors are available in Clear Anodized, Epoxy, Powder Coat, 2 coat Fluoropolymer, Wood Grain finish with an additional cost – Custom arms available to meet all design needs B&Cäó»s 1 Œ_äó Angled Airflow Series Aluminum Shutters are an effective and lightweight option for homes, restaurants and retail projects. Aluminum Shutters are not only effective in reducing heat entering through the building faí_ade, but can also be utilized as an architectural feature to add dimension to a plain storefront or faí_ade.